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The Best Funny Gifts

Funny Candle - I'm Not Arguing I'm Explaining Why I'm Right - Candle

Funny Candle - I'm Not Arguing I'm Explaining Why I'm Right - Candle

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Elevate any occasion with our Funny Candles, the go-to choice for those who adore unique and adorable candles. These candles make delightful gifts for friends or loved ones, injecting laughter and cheer into their day.

Our Funny Candle lineup boasts a variety of clever and amusing designs guaranteed to bring a grin to anyone's face. These candle gifts are more than just laughter—they're a distinctive way to express your gratitude and spread happiness to those you care about.

Adorned with charming and witty labels, our funny candles stand out as the perfect choice for those seeking an exceptional and humorous gift. Surprise your friend with a candle that not only brightens their space but also infuses a playful and amusing touch into their daily life.

Peruse our assortment of funny candles today and discover the ideal gift for your friend or loved one. With their delightful and humorous designs, our candles are bound to induce laughter and serve as a reminder of your special connection. Illuminate their world with a gift uniting humor and charisma.

RELAX & UNWIND: This citrusy scent features invigorating top notes of mandarin, grapefruit, and bergamot, complemented by subtle hints of ginger and fresh green leaves. 

SO FRESH & SO CLEAN: Delight in the enchanting scent of jasmine, enhanced by delicate notes of lemon, orange, musk, and eucalyptus.

SMELLS REALLY GOOD: The vanilla fragrance entices with rich notes of musk, caramel, milk, and marshmallow.

BEST SPA DAY EVER: Breathe in the fresh apple scent, accented by hints of bourbon, vanilla, and cardamom. 

DARK & HANDSOME: Embrace this captivating scent, featuring invigorating marine and pineapple top notes, accompanied by subtle hints of musk, amber, and cedar.

CLEAR CANDLE: 35 Hours* | Net 7 oz
BLACK CANDLE: 65 Hours* | Net 12 oz 

* Estimated, results may vary

Condition: New

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